A critique of this is how you lose her a collection of short stories by junot diaz

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The ‘You’ In Yunior: Junot Diaz’s This Is How You Lose Her

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I can thus say that the stories. In Drown, a collection of short stories, author Junot Diaz presents readers with an impoverished group of characters through harsh, but vivid language. Through the voice of Yunior, the narrator throughout the majority of the stories, Diaz places the blame for Yunior's negativity and rebellious nature on the disappointment caused by his father.

“I’m not a bad guy,” begins the first story of Junot Diaz’s new collection, This Is How You Lose Her. A few lines later, the narrator, Yunior, fills in the details: Five of the nine stories in This Is How You Lose Her date from the late s and more or less North Bennington is the setting for many of Shirley Jackson’s short.

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Book review: 'this is how you lose her,' by junot diaz Sep 12, · Junot Diaz's third book, This Is How You Lose Her, is a collection of stories, many narrated by recurring character Yunior.

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A critique of this is how you lose her a collection of short stories by junot diaz
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