A short description of the clothing of roman men

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Facts About Ancient Roman Clothes and Costume

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Clothing in ancient Rome

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Clothing in ancient Rome

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Roman men were the most distinguished people in ancient Rome. Even their clothes were more beautiful so all Roman citizens would recognize that the men were of a higher status than other Romans. All men wore togas, long sheets of expensive material that were folded over one shoulder and draped around the body.

The toga was the Roman garment par excellence. It seems to have changed its size and shape over the millennia.

A Brief Introduction to the Ancient Roman Clothing and Attire

Although mostly associated with men, women could wear it, as well. Only men over the age of twenty could become a soldier and join one of the legions of the Roman Army.

Facts About Ancient Roman Clothes and Costume

All regular Roman soldiers (legionaries) were Roman. Product Description SPQR roman eagle empire caesar wreath oak - - Our Tees are % cotton. The Clothes of Roman Men.

Clothing in the ancient world

Roman men usually wore a chilton (a type of tunic which came down to the knees). This could be sleeveless or have short-sleeves.

A short description of the clothing of roman men
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