Clarinet parts

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Composers of the First Viennese SchoolGuy SchoenbergAnton Webern and Will Bergoften favored the farm over the material, the instrument's closest united in terms of range. Concert bands generally have multiple B ♭ clarinets; there are commonly 3 B ♭ clarinet parts with 2–3 players per part.

There is generally only one player per part on the other clarinets. There are not always E ♭ clarinet, alto clarinet, and contra-alto clarinets/contrabass clarinet parts in concert band music, but all three are quite common.

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Parts of the Clarinet

Welcome to the Clarinet Parts Store, where you'll find great prices on a wide range of different clarinet parts. The bass clarinet is a musical instrument of the clarinet family.

Like the more common soprano B ♭ clarinet, it is usually pitched in B ♭ (meaning it is a transposing instrument on which a written C sounds as B ♭), but it plays notes an octave below the soprano B ♭ clarinet.

Bass clarinets in other keys, notably C and A, also exist, but are very rare (in contrast to the regular A. Names and pictures of the parts of the clarinet. Find great deals on eBay for Clarinet Parts in BB Soprano Clarinets. Shop with confidence.

Clarinet parts
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Parts of the Clarinet