Explanatory story

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Resources to Teach the Informative/Explanatory Writing Genre

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The Patient Explanatory Model

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Learn about Chanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights. Learn the rules for playing dreidel and a recipe for latkes (potato pancakes). Jack Tar (also Jacktar, Jack-tar or Tar) is a common English term originally used to refer to seamen of the Merchant or Royal Navy, particularly during the period of the British jkaireland.com World War I the term was used as a nickname for those in the U.S.

Navy. Both members of the public, and seafarers themselves, made use of the name in identifying those who went to sea.

Student Writing Models

Jul 10,  · The change began when he answered an apparently yawning demand among regular guys for shirts cut just so, so that they can be worn with the. Feb 11,  · Gravitational waves, the result of two black holes merging, have been detected by a sophisticated observatory.


Scientists say that proves Einstein was right. Here, then, is the Digiday explainer for explanatory journalism. What it is Explanatory journalism is a form of reporting that attempts to present nuanced, ongoing news.

Explanatory Narrative

Gabriella Mikiewicz Feature Writing Amy Merrick May 7th Explanatory Story “You’re rolling around on your back, with your legs wide open, going from your back to your shoulders, and.

Explanatory story
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Explanatory Narrative