Gcse triple science chemistry coursework

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To choose between A-levels and International Baccalaureate, is your child a specialist or an all-rounder? The IB is divided into six groups: language, second language, individuals and societies, mathematics and computer science, experimental sciences and the arts.

Chemistry (Single Science)

Dr Eric Demoncheaux is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and received a Joint Council for Qualifications award in Eric has over 10 years experience working as an examiner and moderator for UK’s award bodies for all three sciences.

Our Vision. The Eastbourne Academy is a caring school which aims to be the school of choice for its community.

Should I take Triple Science GCSE?

Every person is expected to Learn, to Engage and to show Respect. Welcome to Year 9. I would like to offer a warm welcome to Year 9.

My tutor teams and I are very much looking forward to working with you all, both as individuals, and as part of the wider year group team.

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4 Students will all study the following compulsory subjects: English Language English Literature Mathematics Science (Combined Science or Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Having received lots of feedback from teachers, Sarah shares advice and ideas for entering GCSE students for Foundation/Higher tier for the new science qualifications.

9 microscale tips to improve your chemistry practical work 20/11/

Gcse triple science chemistry coursework
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