General adaption syndrome

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general adaptation syndrome

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What to know about general adaptation syndrome

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What Is General Adaptation Syndrome?

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Learn the signs of each stage.

General Adaptation Syndrome

The three stages are the alarm stage, in which the body receives a burst of energy that is supposed to help to fight the stressor. The second is resistance, the actual fighting against the stressor, and the final is /5(13).

This struggle of the body against stress is the main theme of the General Adaptation Syndrome. Another observation that Selye discovered was that even if one’s body wants to control or reduce the stress, it still has its limits.

Feb 01,  · This animation describes the 3 stages of the general adaptation syndrome model, alarm, resistance, and exhaustion.

General Adaptation Syndrome: Stages, Definition & Examples

The alarm reaction stage is the first sign of general adaptation syndrome and occurred in Selye's rats between 6 and 48 hours following the introduction of the “nocuous agent”.

General adaptation syndrome is different from Local Adaptation Syndrome (LAS) which is another physiologic response to stress. LAS is a more specific response and involves inflammation on a specific or local site in the body.

Stress (biology) General adaption syndrome
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