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Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary

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Gir sanctuary

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Twenty-three lions have died in as many days in the eastern part of Gujarat’s Gir sanctuary. While mass mortalities in wildlife are always a cause. The Supreme Court asked the Centre Wednesday to look into the mysterious deaths of 23 lions in Gujarat’s Gir sanctuary in the past three weeks, amid fears that the wild cats could have died due.

The Gir National Park and Sanctuary lie in the south-west of the Saurashtra peninsula in the state of Gujarat. In past, the Gir forest was the hunting reserve of the Nawabs of Junagadh. During the British Raj, lions were hunted mercilessly by the British officers assisted by the obliging Maharajas and Nawabs.

Gir Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park About Gir Wildlife Sanctaury The Gir National Park last stronghold of the Asiatic Lion was the former private reserve of the Princely State of Junagadh. Gir sanctuary is home to more than lions and is the only habitat of Asiatic lions in the world.

Ram and his brother Shyam were a famous pair of lions that ruled over Gir forest in recent years. Oct 29,  · New Delhi: The Centre on Monday told the Supreme Court that spread of canine distemper virus, which led to the death of several lions in Gujarat's Gir sanctuary .

Gir sanctaury
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