Indias population crises

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India’s looming water crisis

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India’s population in 2050: extreme projections demand extreme actions

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Apr 05,  · In India’s population is projected to be billion — China’s will be billion. India has experienced extraordinary population growth: between and India added million people to the world, slightly less than the entire population of Brazil. But 76 per cent of India’s. Apr 05,  · India has experienced extraordinary population growth: between and India added million people to the world, slightly less than the entire population of Brazil.

But 76 per cent of India’s population lives on less than US$2 per day (at purchasing power parity rates). India needs water to meet its current needs, and also for when its population is predicted to increase by another million, nearly one-third more than at present.

All these additional people will need food, energy, industrial and economic development, proper health, education facilities and a good environment to enjoy a good quality of.

Indias population crises
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China And India's Population Control Atrocities Have Sown The Wind