Is mamagement an art or science

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Risk Management: Art or Science?

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Management is an art as well as science.

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Is management an art or a science? Obviously, the correct answer is “both”—management contains elements of science and art. Thus, management is both an art as well as a science. "Essentially, managing is the art of doing and management is the body of knowledge which underlies the art".

It is said that management is the oldest of arts and the youngest of sciences. Is risk-based security management an art or science? That’s one key question posed to more than 1, IT professionals in a recent survey by Tripwire Inc. and Ponemon Research.

The report, “The State of Risk Based Security ,” asked: “In your opinion, is information security risk. If, as many have argued, management really is an art, if leadership entails more than analytic and statistical skills, it would make sense for businessmen to look at the creative and performing.

Is Management—Art, Science or Profession?

Management is a Science as well as Art. Science teaches us to know while art teaches us to do. In order to be successful, managers have to know and do things effectively and efficiently.

This requires a unique combination of both science and art of managing in them. It may, however, be said that the art of managing begins where the science of managing stops.

Is Management an Art or a Science?

How Management is an Art. To manage effectively, one must have not only the necessary abilities to lead but also a set of critical skills acquired through time, experience, and practice.

The art of managing is a personal creative attribute of the manager, which is more often than not, enriched by education, training, experience.

Management is an Art or Science Is mamagement an art or science
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How Management is Both Art and Science? Explained.