Science fair project boards

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Decorate Your Board

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Our emphasis is on a “poser session” where the display board should be the focus of the judges’ attention. This has to be the best science fair project ever.:) To get a thank you note for help getting a is icing on the cake--chocolate, of course.

You've posted a seriously well-done hub that will be helpful to kids and parents alike, and you've flavored it with fun! 1.

For this science fair project, the independent variable is the type of chopping board and the method of cleaning the chopping board.

The dependent variable is the size of the bacteria. Tri-fold project display board makes displaying graphics and information easy and neat Ideal for school or business presentations, project displays, science fairs and more Offers heavy-duty, two-ply, corrugated core construction. Why Showboard Is The Leader In Science Fair Boards Over 25 Years Experience Superior has the experience and resources to fill any size order, and our product lines are designed to meet state and national science fair exhibit standards.

Project Boards

NO POSTER BOARDS - Project must be on a project board (Educational Aid Shop, Hobby Lobby, Office Depot and office Max are a couple of places to purchase the boards).

They can also be hand-made of wood or foam core.

Science fair project boards
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Science Fair - Citing Sources