Science of life extension speech

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Speech disorder

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Environmental Science

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Life extension

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Life extension is the idea of extending the human lifespan, either modestly – through improvements in medicine – or dramatically by increasing the maximum lifespan beyond its generally settled limit of years. The ability to achieve such dramatic changes, however, does not currently exist.

Some researchers in this area, and "life extensionists", "immortalists" or "longevists" (those who. If life extension were possible, at the very least, you would have the option to live longer, and in a best-case scenario, you’d have an option to live in perfect health for as long as you see fit.

Right now, you don’t have that option. Stephen received his bachelor of science in occupational therapy from the University of North Dakota. He has been working in pediatrics since in multiple settings including acute care, outpatient, school-based services, and community-based services.

Matt Turner 11/2/12 SPCH Outline Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the science of life extension, including the experiments, discoveries, and theories relevant to the goal of prolonging healthy life.

I. Introduction a. Speech disorder, any of the disorders that impair human speech. Human communication relies largely on the faculty of speech, supplemented by the production of certain sounds, each of which is unique in meaning.

Human speech is extraordinarily complex, consisting of sound waves of a diverse range of frequencies, intensities, and amplitudes that convey specific information.

Science of life extension speech
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