Write a short story of cinderella

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Cinderella – Beautiful Girl

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Examples of Short Stories

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Cinderella – Beautiful Girl

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No fairy godmother appeared, although Perrault had included her. Instead, a bird who lives in a magic tree, which was planted on the grave of Cinderella's mother.

Cinderella was received at the King’s palace with great respect. The Lord Chamberlain bowed low to her, thinking she must be a very great lady by her dress and carriage, and he showed her at.

-Allyson Goldin, UWEC Asst. Professor of Creative Writing. 2. Write a Catchy First Paragraph. In today’s fast-moving world, the first sentence of your narrative should catch your reader’s attention with the unusual, the unexpected, an action, or a conflict. Begin with tension and immediacy.

Cinderella Short rewrite (school project)

Remember that short stories need to start close to their end. I had to re write the story of Cinderella for school, so I decided on a dark approachEnjoy!. Read the short story free on Booksie.

Cinderella Short rewrite (school project), short story by. After I am finished with my story, you will no longer believe that Cinderella deserved her happy ending.

The story starts the afternoon of the Royal Ball. Cinderella locked the barn door. Visit Your Favorite Princess. Belle. Rapunzel.

Write a short story of cinderella
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